An ordinary Saturday in town – long johns and corsets

Rain, dry, rain, dry, rain… November has been terrible so far and is looking like it is intending to stay that way.

An ordinary shopping Saturday in Brighton yielded a perfectly straight-looking man wearing the usual sort of shirt-jumper-rain-jacket-wellies combo, teamed with blue long johns. Not leggings. Long johns, with the willie hole thingie. Dark blue. Stylin’.

Some way down Western Road, I came upon a poor girl (tourist, methinks) who was trying to work out how to lace the corset she was wearing. She wasn’t on the right track at all, and her boyfriend (I presume) looked equally puzzled. As I had an easy remedy, I stopped and helped her lace it properly.

Other than that, lady Avis wearing some sort of 70s plastic interior design thing as a TV over her head (with her new Mr Man by her side, looking like a good sort). And lots and lots of punters.

Later in the evening, Annika and I tried to find nice cocktails, and found that Valentino’s has slid terribly and not only served mediocre cocktails, but also served people wearing sports jackets and the most boring sort of casual wear. The me hotel bar was heaving, which is the last thing you want when you try to catch up.

So we went to that Latinamerican place (er, forgot the name) opposite Jubilee Square and had a couple of pleasant drinks surrounded by girls dressed to kill and perfumes set to stun at ten paces, until they started screeching so loudly that we literally couldn’t hear each other.

Annika is utterly and totally in love, in true fairy tale fashion. Met a man in Paris during her combined exhibition and book launch. He lives in the Swiss alps, where he is running a restaurant and invited her there. She took the leap without hesitation, and was not disappointed. Wonderful.

Later, I went to Helene’s birthday do in deepest Hove, and enjoyed people impersonating vegetables until I realised I was too tired.

Today relatively sane. Katla and I went to visit Christabel and Geoff. His leg is doing really well. Christabel had the entire living room floor covered with neat piles of papers for her lecture series at Goldsmiths. We had a brief but enthusiastic conversation. I left her to be engrossed in her research and writing, and had several cups of strong, sweet tea in the kitchen while talking electronics with Geoff.


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