Motion detection in a defined area of the screen

Using a web cam, I wish to detect motion in a specified area of the screen. I have collected potentially useful posts in the discourse section of

Colour tracking in frame differencing
Face detector and JMyron
Connect luminous points
video tracker area -> for sound: Blobs?
Counting pixels
Blob detection
Compare pixels color value, and find closest
Creating pixelBlobs
Shape detection with opencv
Selective motion tracking with Jmyron
Crop to face detect co-ordinates
Cropping and tracking part of the video image
How to show a portion of a picture/movie ?
Good Webcam for Capturing videos
How to create a color analyzer with JMyron?
Brightness tracking with frame differencing
Can’t use webcam together with Processing! HELP!!!
Brightest, largest group of pixels?
Blob detection
Webcam detection
MacBook Pro internal cam

There is also a recommended Blob detection library. And a download.

And of course the Processing Learning Libraries

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