Immersive spaces

White space:
A sketchbook of the mind. Maybe not even a room with four walls, maybe just two walls and a floor. Everything white, well-lit. Scribbles – thoughts, musings, ideas, bits of code – in pencil all over the space. Invisible sculpture – a cube, suspended mid-air. A large harp. Shadows of these invisible objects drawn with pencil on floors and walls. Shadows drawn on walls of people who have previously been in the space. Cube is triggered by movement in the defined area – a dense-ish sound as you move into it, empty inside – as if to remind of solids really being mostly space on a sub-atomic level. Harp: analogue harp sound which layers as you ‘play’. Perhaps also a low-key sound ambient soundtrack.

Dark space:

Sound based – giggles, scuttles, whispers. Outside the room, you can hear the sound of children/people playing, laughing, running. When you enter, it goes quiet. Whispers start, and muffled giggles. As you begin to move around in the room, feet scuttle away from you. This continues to happen as you move around in the room. Secrets – in a specific area, you hear a cue asking you to whisper a secret, or else the secrets are whispered to you on a continuous loop as long as you are in the defined area. Perhaps soft underfoot – even squishy. Slightly unsure footing, and pressure mats. Whether to also include a visual piece (like the Through the looking glass piece with Katla) – maybe. I need to think of how and why. A flickering projection of the intro film? Not a computer screen (hence not condensation). The screen is too defined. I don’t wish to break the integrity of the dark space itself.


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