Gruesome leg stories

Well, Geoff’s is pretty good. I went to see him and Christabel last night. He is looking at, on average, 5-6 months with his leg in this weird drum-shaped metal contraption that pushes the pieces of bone together. It might be sooner, some are done after 3 months but the consultant said 5-6 months is average – and it can take longer.

He’s even going on the wagon to assist matters. Sits on his chair ferociously bopping his good leg up and down. He must be so restless. For the next few weeks, he can’t venture far at all. They opened his leg up to take the metal plate out – and cut the bones off again, even what had healed, so that they can try this approach. Apparently the success rate is very good.

Most likely he is, in the end, looking at a year after the accident to get back to something that resembles normal function. And that was a motorbike accident when he wasn’t going very fast, and ‘only’ broke his leg.

The funny thing is, he can’t wait to get back on his bike!


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