Wiring Arduino to Devantech ultrasonic range finder SRF10

Found a very helpful guide to the wiring, and code samples from the same source (Robot-Electronics.co.uk).

There are also some useful specs for the SRF10 here.

More arduino code samples for the SRF10, from tigoe.net.

Some basic info from arduino.cc about using the arduino with a Ping ultrasonic ranger. And some about using ultrasonic ranger with an arduino and Processing.

Here is what looks like a better one – will play with this when there is lunch break at the zoo (i.e. the small child is safely asleep in bed)!

From the same source (luckylarry.co.uk) is a page with notes on getting values from the SRF into Processing via the arduino – which is just what I was wondering how to get on with. Let’s hope I get some time to play with this later and that it is one of those useful instructions that actually work….

Update: The last one is the most complete instruction I have so far. Things are registering. Not entirely sure all the bits are there though. Or it could be a matter of SRF10 instead of SRF05, but from what I can see that should not make a difference…hm. Update: I don’t actually think this works for the SRF10, it is not set up the same way as the SRF05, apparently


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