Rainy day, rainy night and walking the edge

I was out in the rain last night. I narrowly avoided getting caught in a truly torrential downpour. A little while later, the storm broke. There was a flash and hot on the heels of that a magnificent thunderclap. You could feel the release immediately.

Later, Anna and I went to some non-starting party – a woman who is into raw food, home schooling and all that stuff that sticks in my throat (the theory might be fine, but it does seem to be the wrong people who go for it…and raw food…life is just too short for denial). It turned out I knew quite a few of the people there, but as an event it had no cohesion whatsoever. We didn’t stay long.

I feel driven to walk in the evenings. As it draws nearer winter, I am tending to give up on daylight and instead seek the night. Not necessarily in a particularly extrovert way, rather the opposite. I like walking through the action, but have no need to be stuck in it. Walking the long edge between the town and the sea works best.

Apart from that, writing, reading, thinking.

Giving a talk at the Catalyst on Thursday – I think it’ll be on language as soft furnishings.


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