Fireworks night at Zu

Too tired to go into detail, but it was good (and the evening as a whole quite adventurous). There was hitchhiking with unexpected angelic beings, missed trains, and quick costume changes. Quite slapstick, really.

Andy, Julia, John, Sarah and a whole bunch of others were there, all dressed to the nines in a variety of outfits ranging from deerstalkers to Indian chief feather headdresses via spangly robes. Laaaate night.

John was intent on being sensible due to work the following day, so carried on his adventures in the direction of Sarah’s about 2pm. Apparently, he had borrowed a not very good bicycle, that was also too small for him. His kilt kept getting caught in the back wheel, so he took it off and carried merrily on in his pants, pullover, cravat and deerstalker. Through some dark area, where he came off the bike and cut his hand.

Once back at his camper van he fumbled his way into bed, only to wake up three hours later and in what must have been the pale light of morning found that the inside of the van was covered with bloody handprints.

According to the story (which I only received afterwards) he also did not have a change of clothing apart from trousers, and had to go to his city job wearing a blood-soaked jumper. I wonder if he wore the cravat and the deerstalker to match?


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