Joseph Young

Background in acting, composing and film. Now a sound artist. Neofuturist Collective. Luigi Russolo, wrote the manifesto The Art of Noises.

The possibilities of the day to day sounds. John Cage’s 4’33”. In the anechoic chamber, J Cale could hear a high-pitched noise, and a low-pitched one. The sound technician explained that the high-pitched one was the sound of his nervous system, and the low one was his blood being pumped around.

His MA show featured a sound piece called Family Album. To experience the piece you had to wear headphones, as the sound was recorded with binaural microphones – you can make your own (look for instructions online) for about £10. The collecting/recording of the sound required several returns to specific environments to ‘harvest’ the right sounds in the right places, as the sound, when played back through headphones, reveal the 360 degree experience of the sound, even behind you.

Instruction for building binaural microphones and some general information about binaural microphones.

Soundscape – the tuning of the world, by Murray Schafer is the bible on sound ecology. Bernie Krauss is another big name in this field. Nature vs. culture romanticism is debatable, however. Subjectivity vs. objectivity – if we are not part of nature and nature is pristine, then surely going in there to do recordings is hypocritical.


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  1. warrenpleece Says:

    Carina, talk about slow. I’ve just got round to checking this out. Thanks for the link and your stream (tirade) of consciousness. Now I know what you’re doing in lessons, Warren

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