Human sonar?

Notes on sound walk:
It is exhilarating to exclude the talking brain from the equation for some time, and allow the other senses to come into focus. With sound, suddenly the awareness of the 360 degree space becomes much more vivid, and all of the senses wake up. My back was tingling with excitement.

It is evident that sound (I would argue) is the sense that primarily gives us a sense of space. Although we do not emit sounds in the same fashion as a dolphin, bat or oil bird, we can still pick up a tremendous amount of information about the environment we are in by ambient sound and echo.

Sound recordings: 4 dimensions, the spatial 3 dimensions plus time. Video is really only 2D – the three dimensional space is only illusory, plus time. Sound recordings (provided the quality is good enough) are properly 4-dimensional.

On the current experiment:
Warren and I are using sound as a means of describing a narrative, with binaural recordings of a scenario in the Brighton Museum. It sounds absolutely amazing – you jump around to see what is behind you first time you hear it. Totally immersive. I am now filled with covetous desire for a pair of binaural microhones.

Sadly, they’re not cheap. But they are just toooo good…. We got some good recordings, tomorrow we will edit and create the narrative.


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