I am off to a “new, secret venue” on Ship Street for a friend’s birthday bash. Dress code “Go commando!” – I thought for a moment (knowing the lady) that it would be full of naked and potentially quite forward people, but mercifully it will be a tad more conventional than that. It is more of a code word to keep the hoi polloi out, apparently.

Tomorrow it is White Night, which was great fun and a really inspired event last year. My little 30 seconds of Fortune film is being shown at Lighthouse and Katla is pleased as punch to be a “real film star” (I did point out it was on a minute to small scale, but she is rather wonderful to work with and comes up really well on film).

Friday afternoon at work was colourful, everyone had Friday madness but we got quite a lot done. A lot of swearing at non-cooperative computers.


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