Shopping list and notations

Web cam, breadboard, bellwire, LDRs for IR, IR bulbs/spots (solders’ heatlamps) or IR LEDs (prob best) – start with Maplins.

This module: focus on light space. Check webcam+distance sensor piece first. Prob best use Processing for that one, Arduino/Pduino.

Pure Data should be ideal for the other sound installation.

3D mental ‘notebook’. Pencil scribbles, drawn shadows of invisible objects, snippets of code, thought processes all over the space. Openness, whiteness, space.

This module until mid Feb. Next module: Dark space. Gives time to conceptualise that part more fully.


One Response to “Shopping list and notations”

  1. Sweet Details I enjoy some of the articles which were written, and especially the comments posted! I’ll come back!

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