Shall we dance?

I realise that I ‘am’ a dancer to the point that I approach the world, circumstances within the world, and interaction with others as a dancer. A method of interacting with and navigating in the social space we all share that is quite specific, and analogous with how dancers interact with each other, space or participants in a dance performance.

There is an awareness of the ‘performance space’ , desires and intentions of the people you share it with, potential interaction, all under an umbrella of creating something that possesses grace (though not necessarily one that conforms with the conventional understanding of grace) and is interesting.

This brings an instinctive navigation towards what looks like potentially rewarding interaction, and a navigation away from interaction that doesn’t ‘work’. I wonder if this makes me a bit of a freak, quite frankly. You can’t really expect non-dancers to understand how deeply ingrained this way of being is. You could easily end up being misunderstood as ‘unnatural’ – but what it is, is another, learned way of being natural. Perhaps more functional, even.

I guess the question is what qualities we look to when we determine what is authentic or ‘natural’.


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