Contextual frames etc, suggested by Dan


Mediated ontology of my specific area of interest

Haptic technology, communication and perception


Overall conclusion, further direction for research (include)

Clear question of appropriate scope
Informed knowledge of digital medai and its issues
Professional practice of its disciplines
Cultural, historical issues

Contact Blast Theory and other potential interviewees (Sue, Jane).
Trim, prune and tidy.

Bibliography, quotes and appendix are not included in the word count, so stick primary research like interviews in the appendix.

PhD guidelines are useful to follow:
1. Title/Key question
2. Abstract/Overview
3. Background/Research area
4. Methods
5. Outcomes
6. Bibliography (2 parts becoming 1 – keep it relevant and lean)

When we do our group (informal) group presentation, we should prepare handouts outlining key ideas and issues and a brief, informative bibliography. Consider presenting at the Graduate Seminars.

Tutorials: 10 Nov + 8 December – mine is at 4.30pm, 8 Dec.
15th December: min 3000 words (dissertation in progress)
9th February: min 6000 words (draft dissertation in progress)
19th April: 8000-10000 word dissertation final submission. Bound document with cover, bibliography, index, appendix, etc.


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