Everything must go

Everything must go
Or, The Voluntary Attempt to Overcome Unnecessary Obstacles. Engaging and moving performance at The Basement this evening. It is a solo show and a kind of homage or celebration of her recently deceasd father’s life – quite an eccentric character. Recommended. Kristin Fredricksson’s web site has more info.

Surprisingly, I realised after the performance that I have known her two younger sisters for a long time – well, at least Katie. Erica and I instantly knew each other’s names, but cannot work out whether we actually know each other or not..? Very odd. It is extremely rare that I am not sure about whether I know someone or not, I usually have a very reliable photographic memory. But I am sure I haven’t seen Katie since before she moved to Italy. She is now back in town. Has a young son, not far away from Cai in age.

Stayed behind to chat for a bit after the show, there were a bunch of usual suspects there, then walked home. The evening was surprisingly pleasant, one of those clear and somehow exciting nights, though I cannot put my finger on why.

Popped into one of those pubs on Queens Road briefly, as there was a band playing some funky music. Stayed a couple of songs, then left before some not very sober man plucked up courage and dragged me up to dance. And immediately bumped into Beatty (Hallas) whom I haven’t seen for something like 5 years! And she has also had a son, who just turned one.

I was very bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when I finally got home.


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