Re: ACM Creativity & Cognition 2009

Jane Prophet, Professor of Interdisciplinary Computing at Goldsmiths.
Creativity & Cognition 2009 – Everyday creativity: Shared Languages & Collective Action.

Papers that look interesting (to follow up):
Geezers, Turbines, Fantasy Personas: Making the Everyday into the Future
Ann Light, Gini Simpson, Lois Weaver, Patrick GT Healey
Sheffield Hallam University, Queen Mary University of London
GeezerPower is a statement about reusable technologies and older people’s continuing interest in the future. We use its story to reflect on methods for engaging people in decisions about design.

Discovery is never by chance: Designing for (un)serendipity
Paul Andrè, m.c. schraefel, Jaime Teevan, Susan Dumais
University of Southampton, Microsoft Research
Surveys and deconstructs attributes of serendipity, arguing current research has focused on recreating cause (accidental finding) rather than effect (discovery/insight). Suggests behaviours and tools to explicitly foreground desired effect.

An Empirical Study of Cognition and Theatrical Improvisation
Brian Magerko, David Joyner, Kurt Luther, Waleed Manzoul, Celia Pearce, Mark Riedl, Kate Rosier
Georgia Institute of Technology
This paper presents preliminary findings from our empirical study of the cognition employed by theatrical improvisers and discusses the applicability of our findings to the creation of AI characters.

Creativity in Algorithmic Art
Frieder Nake
University of Bremen
Who or what is creative in algorithmic art? Programmer, computer, output device? All of them? Against this background, trivial, personal, historic creativity are discussed to see changes.

Directed and Emergent Play
Brigid Costello, Ernest Edmonds
University of New South Wales, University of Technology, Sydney
Investigates designing for play in an interactive art context. Considers the audience experience of interactions that direct play and compares this with interactions that allow play to emerge.

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