Altertango and dance workshop in Stockholm

I just came back from a great gig at a lovely venue – I went to see Altertango at Boulehallen with Kay after supper. Wonderful! Beautiful, passionate music (modern tango by bright young things) in a very charming setting. The address of the venue is “Närkegatan 6 (under the scaffolding)” – see link to the right for their events calendar. Several interesting little clubs on that street, near Nytorget. Very diverse crowd, very civilised in an underground sort of way – and you can play boule or engage in the time-honoured practice of rundpingis if you feel the urge. Took some photos and a little video clip – the pianist and band leader Elbi Olalla was quite something. I wanted to take her home and be very kind to her. Great stage presence.

I am teaching here in Stockholm this weekend. The students are very receptive and we had a good, focused atmosphere today. I hope tomorrow will be good too, I am pleased with how today went.

It is chilly here though. The skies are clear, and Kay says it has only recently got colder, but as September has been so warm in Brighton it is a bit of a chock to the system.

Last night I went out for a spell with Harry H, his partner James, and a couple of friends of theirs for a spell. It seems one always ends up on Söder. But the charms of Närkegatan had evidently eluded their friends. Harry and I had a nice moan about self-conscious, achingly hip, homogenous people and overly pretentious cocktail bars. He’s an excellent and entertaining moaner.

Some pics from the Altertango gig:

And a (poorly lit) video clip:


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