Time-space continuum

Why is it that people act as if stress in some form is inevitable, and all stress is evil? There are, by default, limitations to what one can do and produce. What we are left with are “the best we can do”. I have found that this is usually more than adequate. I tend to know if I undershoot the mark and it is usually my own silly fault if I do. Hardly something I can blame the universe for.

I am a working sort, I enjoy working and need to be productive. The balance is not always perfect – sometimes there’s a bit too much to do, sometimes there’s a bit less. But hey – with children there is never a problem to use up energy.

And one has to be a reasonable human being meanwhile; children don’t deserve to bear the brunt of the pressures of life. Though I don’t think it is necessarily bad to let them know what is going on around them either, so they stand a sporting chance of understanding the peculiar behaviour of the adults around them who are supposedly in charge.

I guess life in the performance field has created an unusual way of handling environmental stress. You learn to take for granted that things are not going to be perfect, and you will just have to try and make the most of the circumstances offered by any situation. Should you encounter a really good situation, it is a reason to quietly celebrate. Generally speaking, it seems to be your job to deal with the unexpected.

The need to not turn into someone horrible, out of care for your near and dear ones, works well for me as a check on stress levels and management. There is always a bit more to do than what is entirely comfortable, so in a way you just have to accept that and try and keep as calm as possible in it all. Because that is the only thing that makes you able to deal with it effectively and gracefully.


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