Lost Vagueness

I was involved with Lost Vagueness as a performer (Grrrlesque features several times in the video below) and stage manager. As Grrrlesque, we were almost like house pets at various events organised by Roy & co, doing a lot of meet-and-greet, interactive character work, as well as stage stuff.

For those of you who weren’t there, well… I don’t really know where to begin, but they were fabulous events. The maddest, baddest and most entertaining artists on stage, a lot of fine, hopping music (frequently to a ska beat), incredibly glamorous audience, thanks to the Dressing Room as well as individual efforts. The faithful people of the Dressing Room quite literally created magic when they transformed people who had been camping for days in mud into gloriously otherworldly, strange and sparkling personages. You would not be let into the inner sanctum (i.e. the Casino) unless you were glam to the teeth.

Inside, there was Lost world where everyone was beautiful and wrong, performers and audience mixed vigorously, you had to pay with vagues, nothing and nobody would make much sense, and the party would go on beyond dawn.

Of course the people creating this worked incredibly hard to make it so. Some very talented and dedicated people indeed. Fantastic décor was created for a night, or for the duration of a festival, covered with mud every night and resurrected again so the glittering illusion could rise like the phoenix the following night.

I guess this video clip explains better than words what it was like:

(Note November ’09: The audio has been suspended for some licensing reason, it has been fine previously and should come back. Alternatively, watch in on the BlackIce website, in the video vault. It is the listed feature called Lost Vagueness.)


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