Week we’re in


…has been odd, but seems to be turning out all right in the end. Several things turned upside down (Zurich, Rox…), just a sense of ‘don’t try anything clever’. Merlin’s father took Merlin and Cai to Mersea in his helicopter on Thursday evening, very exciting indeed. I’m sure I’ll hear all about it in very-excited-two-year-old speak – can’t wait! Katla is with Keith this weekend, he’s off to do Beltring on Thursday so we swapped things round a bit. Which means I have a lot of time to myself this weekend! The time coming up after will be quite family-oriented, so that’s worked out well.

Good thing in spite of things being a bit random, is that I’ve had the opportunity to focus a lot on finishing work. Have smoothed out some niggly issues with my site, started structuring my dissertation, and generally made quite good progress.

Going up to London to spend some time with Garth and Florence tonight. We’re going to see Boban Marković Orchestra at The Barbican tonight. Always lovely to see G – amazing that we managed to keep in touch all these years since meeting in Gilgit. Garth’s good with that sort of thing. Guess travelling and moving lots does that to you.

Twig’s birthday last night was a very warm and friendly affair – everyone seemed to have a splendid time. John and Charlie were there, Dee and Sam threw some funky moves (we danced lots, what shall the neighbours think?? Oh yes, I forgot, that’s us). I woke up early, and bless their cotton socks, around 9am Christabel was just creeping into bed (Geoff and her are staying over here) and Twig was bouncing around listening to the soundtrack to The Hairdresser’s Husband.

Fanny and Magnus’s leaving do on Thursday had that manic-because-it’s-a-bit-sad energy and Rachel and myself caught it bad. I ended up confusing our lovely babysitter, who was with us for the first time, by getting totally waylaid on collecting Katla from the Alba party bit, and found her here, forlorn-looking, when we got back. Ouch! She seems a very nice and grounded person though, think she recovered rather well.

Rachel and myself carried on to the Catalyst Club, which was most entertaining. Really enjoyable, good atmosphere and a keen audience gathered around something as unusual as involved-and-involving talks on some very odd subjects. Brilliant. Hosted by our very own Dr. Bramwell.

Oh, and a private view at Fabrica, American artist (er, forgot his name) who had made rather beautiful and very long funnels out of silk paper and suspended them from the ceiling. There was also a big pool of what looked like inky water. So two of my favourite materials. Quite contemplative, I sat by the inky pool a long time.


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