TNT does the Snake Pit in Shangri-La, Glastonbury

The Snake Pit
…was an impressive affair. The Snake Pit, the venue, was jaw-droppingly fab, with a light green touch screen front, and inside several levels. Backlit screens with flames, snakes and similar suitable motifs in reds and golds, mirrors, opium-den style booths hung in red satin upstairs, where people could lounge in stylish seediness. Hidden walkways behind the booths, so that we could pop our heads in and surprise the occupants. A fishtank style booth for the dancers, with the options of dropping shadow screens or having the windows open. Chandeliers, red or white light providing atmosphere. In a field.

All the staff; bouncers, stage hands, bar staff, technicians, DJs and dancers in full character. Costumes in biker trash/den of iniquity style, everyone looked fab (see pictures in the gallery below).

The acts were also chosen to suit. Cabaret performers included two girls doing brilliant hoop tricks as Guns’n’Roses, Lazy Habits, The Correspondents (check the video at the bottom om this entry, they were brilliant!) and many other excellent performers. DJ sets were very, very good. Come midnight and until 6am close, it was absolutely heaving. First couple of nights I left around 5am in the interest of keeping a reasonable relationship with my feet, and it was still kicking.

The team was incredible, with 150% commitment to making it memorable, and everyone was a delight to work with. Real family atmosphere. (Not the buggy-driving variety, btw.)

I did also manage to get to some gigs. Scott Matthews was divine, Blur was amazing, Jason Mraz sunny, Tom Jones drew a ridiculous number of people, Kasabian was partly very enjoyable, Nick Cave was darkly great, and a bunch of others I need sleep to remember. Circus and Cabaret performances were also very good, Mimbre, Jonathan Kay, Space Cowboy, etc.


9 Responses to “TNT does the Snake Pit in Shangri-La, Glastonbury”

  1. Dan the doorman Says:

    We were working on the door of the Snake Pit this year. I’ve never been so busy in my life 10pm-6am is a long slog. Checking for Tats was fun and we did get flashed a few times :) Glad people enjoyed the experience!!

    Show me your tats!!! :)

  2. fantastic little place.. crazy but a good laugh. Anyone know who played the last 2 hours on the Sunday night. Really wicked upbeat set.

    Hope everyone had a great time. Hope to see it again next year!
    Evzy Cardiff

    • DieRaumsphere Says:

      Yes – it was me (DieRaumsphere) and my cohort Outlaw. I can send you a cd of the set if you like? (well my bit anyway)

      • carinawestling Says:

        Yes please! :)

      • Rev.core Says:

        Greetings, have been trying to find you guys online. That techno set
        in the snake pit blew me away. Don’t suppose I could trouble for a
        cd also? Many thanks


  3. DieRaumsphere Says:

    Of course – send your postal address to and I’ll forward a copy.

  4. carinawestling Says:

    Thanks so much, it arrived today! :)

  5. […] Check out images and videos from the Glastonbury 2009 Snake Pit here. […]

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