Carina Westling

Browse my site for some samples of my work, read through the posts in the Chequered Past and Events categories on this blog, and look through the links under Performance for information about my work. But I will also write a short biog here, for those of you who like that sort of thing.

I live in the UK, and work with digital media, multimedia production, performance. I teach dance classes and workshops and have been involved in events management on various levels on and off since I lived in Sweden.

I have a BA(hons) in Sculpture from Brighton University, and an MA in Digital Media Art, also from the University of Brighton.

On a more obscure note:

I studied calligraphy and bookbinding at Roehampton Institute when I first moved over from Sweden, and I have (near-obsessively or at least very keenly) studied all sorts of dance over the years, from a base in contemporary and jazz to flamenco, African, Latinamerican, Egyptian and Balinese dance. I have also actually travelled a fair bit, not just sampled other cultures through learning their dances. I spent nearly 2 years living in a rucksack, travelling Asia, Australia and Europe.

When still in Sweden, I was part of the core team behind the Gothenburg Carnival (Göteborgs Karneval) from its start (I stumbled into this weird and wonderful world in my teens and never looked back) until near its end, when I moved to England. We also ran many rather splendid events under the flag Zookie and a den of iniquity called Zoo. There is not a lot of documentation available in digitised format from this period, however formative it was. There are a lot of press clippings sitting in an attic somewhere in Gothenburg, so you will probably have to take my word for it. It was a lot of fun. And a bit mad. Actually, more than a bit – but that is how it tends to be with these things.

I have two lovely children, who have helped redefine the meaning of the words ‘commitment’, ‘responsibility’, ‘insanity’, ‘time’, ‘fun’, and ‘love’ for me.


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  1. monica tallinger Says:

    Utan din mamma hade mitt liv varit DÖ-TRIST.

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